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"As someone who has seen the extent of our capacity for pain, I aim to teach others how to grieve properly, and healthily, and to teach others how to introspect. Being able to see the "Why" and the "How" behind ourselves, and all those behaviors, is key to living a life connected with self, which in turn, provides happiness."



About Me


Self is a topic in Psychology that’s always interested me. How is it that I’m not even old enough to understand what money is, but I can sit here and understand that I feel alone? And, not just alone, but alone in my thoughts and feelings? 

From that moment, I made it my goal in life to understand Self, and everything regarding it. That can be emotions, thoughts, behaviors, relationships, perspectives, and so much more. Self is such a basis for everything we do in life, and yet so many of us suffer behind our ego. Why not learn a bit more about yourself? 

My teaching style, while rather blunt and overly-honest, is molded to you, the person seeking help. I care so deeply about people, and wanting them to understand the truth, even I fill with emotion, swaying my objective mind into subjective waters. But, I always lean back on the truth; the foundation of fact and reality that’s always there, if I know how to look. 

So, let me teach you <3 

I am autistic, I have ADHD, I have an Associate’s in Psychology, and I am currently looking for a good program for mental health certification, but really I’ve amassed everything I know by self-researching, and making sure my sources are valid. (There are so many ways to learn, and you’ve only just barely scratched the surface <3)


Frustrated by glitches in Executive Function? Know what you want to do but somehow never get around to doing it?


Maybe you need a Processing and Planning Coach.


Anyone who's followed my progress as Nanny Aut, and the journey of Inside Aut will know it's been slow - glaciers move faster. And it's not because I don't know what to do, or even how to do it - at least in general terms. But because I was overwhelmed by the whole.

It was like staring at a big bag of mismatched socks and no idea where or how to start sorting.

Matthew provided the space for me to 'dump all the socks on the table'.

Once a week, I process all my thoughts about what I want to get done - and speaking it out loud to someone else helps me sees them as seperate items, not a big tangled heap. Occasionally, he asks the key questions to help me identify and prioritise - like helping to identify matching socks.

In only three weeks, he helped me develop a working system that I can hang my daily activities on - the basics that previously I really struggled to be consistent with.

In addition, we developed strategies that worked that enabled me to take actions I have been actively avoiding to my detriment.

Now every day I look forward to engaging with the business - because I now have a plan that works for me - I finally have the direction and focus that I longed for but didn't know how to achieve by myself. Best investment for myself, ever.

And the need for a processing buddy isn't just a 'me' thing. It helps so many others who struggle with Executive Function.

So if this sounds like you and you would like the support of a Processing and Planning coach to live life the way you want to - just click the link below.



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