What parents we have supported say...

Mih S

I really loved reading your articles. When my son was diagnosed autistic aged 3, we were left in the dark not knowing what to do with this little boy and how to get to him. No amount of parenting or asd courses done during last 3 years changed that. It took me ages to realise the answers I was looking for will not come from courses written and presented by neurotypical individuals so I started to look for platforms written by autistic adults and came across Autistic Village and your articles and things started to make sense and I started to understand my child better and look at him from a new angle.


Understanding more about my child made me more patient,  less reactive, and I realised on many past situations my child was not the problem but our behaviour as parents or environment etc was not meeting his needs.


Finding Autistic Village was mind-blowing for me thank you so much and thank you for the time you took to chat with me on messenger when I asked for help.


Wishing you all the best in your new adventure.

Georgia Rowe, Mum to an 8 year old autistic girl

I love Nanny Aut’s writing. Her articles have helped me to understand my autistic daughter and adapt my parenting to better suit her personality and her needs. As an NT parent it’s sometimes difficult to spot what’s right in front of your eyes; having things explained from an autistic perspective helps me to understand what my daughter might be trying to communicate or what she might be experiencing. I’m super grateful for the work that Nanny Aut does to educate parents of autistic children and hope she keeps writing!


Nanny Aut's help has been invaluable to me as a mum when I was struggling to understand my soon-to-be teenage son. He was going through all sorts of emotional upheaval and his anxiety was showing up as anger. Nanny Aut helped me see that taking away his tech as punishment for being rude and verbally aggressive was counterproductive.  She helped me to realize that the Xbox was how he decompressed and emotionally regulated himself when he was close to a meltdown. 


Nanny Aut helped me understand what a meltdown was and that it was feeling out of control and not being able to think clearly.  That he said things like "Go away you idiot!" because he wanted the conversation to stop, not that he really thought me an idiot. 


She helped me understand that his outbursts were not disrespect or verbal abuse but instead were examples of autistic distress. 

She helped us as a family heal and follow a path of compassion and understanding rather than compliance and control eg: Supernanny. 

I think Nanny Aut played a huge part in saving our family...I can't thank you enough Nanny Aut.